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Satimbe Mask


This is a mask. It is made of wood, fiber, metal, and pigment. It was created by the Dogon of Mali, Africa. The top of the mask is a female figure with an elongated face and head. A fiber beaded band is wrapped around her forehead. There are several metal hoop piercings in both of her ears and her nose. Both her arms are bent at the elbow and raised. She has more fiber bands wrapped around her waist. The female figure stands atop a mask with orange-red and white stripes painted across it. On the back of the mask is a fiber net to support the mask on the wearer. This sculpture represents a “satimbe” mask. “Satimbe” masks are rectangular masks that are mounted by the figure of a powerful woman. The structure of the mask, itself, is similar to Mali architecture such as mosques. A “satimbe” mask is a ceremony mask that would be worn during annual harvest festivals that are celebrated before each rainy season.


The Dogon


Martha and Robert Fogelman


Art Museum of the University of Memphis


ca. 19th/20th Century


Neecole A. Gregory


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Fiber, Pigment, Wood
Depth 6.500