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Meet the Curator | Neecole A. Gregory

Hello! My name is Neecole Gregory and my academic and professional focus has always been on archaeology, the ancient world, and museology. During the Spring of 2021, I interned with the Art Museum of the University of Memphis to both bolster and prepare their online African object database, PastPerfect, for eventual public release. During this time, I also prepared this exhibit with Dogon objects from the African collection while making bi-weekly postings to the museum's social media pages to keep the public up-to-date on my research. Due to my personal interests, working with this collection has been such a thrill!

I hope you enjoyed the exhibit as much as I did preparing it. The Dogon are a culture with a long and complex history that the world, sadly, still knows so little about. Their artists show proficiency and grace that deserves acclaim and attention as some of the practices they use have been in their culture for thousands of years. The rich religion they portray in their art only makes one wish to look for more Dogon masterpieces. 

My only goal with this exhibit is to put these objects further into the public eye where they belong and if even one more person learns about this wondrous culture, then I consider it a success!

Neecole A. Gregory

Meet the Curator